[rescue] NEED: Extron Crosspoint 8x4 or better, RGBVsHs (VGA)

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Fri Oct 31 16:39:35 CDT 2008


   If anyone has an Extron Crosspoint 8x4 or better matrix switch, I NEED 
TO BUY ONE! It's for a presentation at a con for the release of a open 
source project.

   Anything similar that can handle 1280x1024 (1024x768 is all we need) and 
can be controlled via RS232, and does 8 input 4 output (VGA) is ideal.

   I'd actually rather have VGA HD-DB-15 versus the 5BNC crap.

   On the other hand, if I get the Extron I'm going to be looking for a ton 
of 5 BNC to VGA (male and female) cables.

   Really I only need it for the presentation, but going to need some time 
to hack stuff together to control it!!!!!


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