[rescue] Older versions of Solaris?

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Mon Oct 27 12:22:50 CDT 2008

On 27 okt 2008, at 18:22, Ethan O'Toole wrote:
>> Is it not possible to download previous versions of Solaris from Sun
>> anymore? I am only able to grab 10 with my account now. What about
>> 2.6, 7, 8 and 9? Is there an ISO archive anywhere?
> I have/had an archive of older OSes. I need to see what it's status  
> is.

I have a big archive of OSes, all kinds, including SunOS/Solaris. I  
have almost any version from 1 to 10. I you need anything specific,  
send a personal mail. If others on the list need stuff, mail me, but I  
prefer to trade with some obscure OS I don't have yet :) BTW: I'm  
looking for a "Domestic" SunOS that runs on sun3 and has des(1) support.

It may take some time for me to reply [I'll be off in a few days, for  
a few weeks]


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