[rescue] For the cost of shipping

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Mon Oct 27 12:27:34 CDT 2008

Coming up for the cost of shipping (but if anyone has older midi sound 
modules you don't want, that'd be a cool trade):

A: I've got several metal rack shelves that are specifically made for 
Portmaster 2's. Not the PM-25, but the PM-2 3u or 4u thing.

B: 4 round Dec Mice, 2 video things (w3 to 3 BNC) and 2 keyboard breakout 

C: SGI Indigo2 video card (1 board covered in black heatsink with the 
aux power connector). Also have 2 GIO FDDI cards (dual SC fiber 

Been uncovering more old CDs of software for SGI and other platforms (AIX, 
Solaris). Will rip to ISOs.

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