[rescue] LaserJet 4 glitch

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Sun Oct 26 12:53:32 CDT 2008

Erie Patsellis wrote:
> [...] while you're at it, I'd replace the output delivery rollers, 
> around $15 from the printer works. *http://www.theprinterworks.com 
> *(see same source for exploded drawings, and any part on about any 
> Canon base printer), they also have a complete roller kit for about 
> $50, in my experience, it makes a tired old 4+/4m+ work like new.

I'll just add that many an HP printer with chronic paper jams, misfeeds, 
and smudged output can be miraculously revitalized by replacement of the 
rubber rollers. Reconditioning and cleaning the rubber may work as well, 
I haven't had to try that yet. The cleaning kits that are supposed to be 
used every so-many pages are also a sound investment, in my experience, 
especially in combination with the cleaning regime that Erie mentioned.

In the case of the higher-end printers, often replacing the imaging drum 
and other components can still be cost effective when needed. Certainly 
true of the ColorJet 8550 that I picked up for $75 because it was 
producing smeared and spotty pages despite a very low pagecount.

I've ordered parts from The Printer Works when I've needed rollers. 
Other kits I think I've usually found on eBay or elsewhere online.


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