[rescue] identify, and need any parts from old (ppro?) Unisys tower

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Oct 25 08:26:40 CDT 2008

A friend of mine put in the dumpster before it goes and old
Unisys tower.  It is just a chassis.   A big 'monster' for what appears
to be an ATXish chassis.  It has a huge power supply... with
3 connectors similar to ATX but in various sizes.

It has 8 removable wide scsi trays and at the top had 3 or 5
5.25" bays and 1 3.5" floppy drive.

The P/N within the front drive bay door is 91.58701.029
and the trays are 55.59903.031.

I don't know what this is ?  tried identifying it online, but no luck.

Wonder if this could have been a 6x6 ?  (in which case too bad
the person he bought the case from gutted it) (he was going to
use it for a PC case, but the huge power supply with custom
wiring shelved the project for several years and now you can have
a storage powerhouse in a smaller than regular ATX tower... so
the behemoth went to the dumpster).

If anyone can use these trays or power supply (or any other part
from the chassis (front plastic, etc)... let me know... figure $5 for
4 drive trays, $5 for the power supply... not sure what else anyone
could use off it... (front plastic is good except for where someone
tried to paint/etc over the Unisys logo).

-- Curt

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