[rescue] Voyager port identification

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Mon Oct 20 23:09:34 CDT 2008

>> I found some laptop-targeted IDE<->SCSI adapters that worked in the
>> direction necessary here (IDE disk, SCSI host); with a modern thin
>> IDE laptop drive, it all fits in the space available.

> Got a link?  I have a Thinkpad 800-series machine that would like a
> bigger disk.

> [...]  I'll have to look for one of those adapter boards.

I found the paperwork from when they shipped me mine.  It's from "MCE
Technologies, LLC", http://www.mcetech.com and info at mcetech.com, phone
+1 949 458 0800, fax +1 949 458 1803, and the device is STA-IDESCSI25,
a `2.5" IDE to SCSI Adapter' for which they charged me USD 20.00 each.
(All this is as of "8/30/2007"; I don't know how much of that info is
still accurate now.)

I have one that's relatively accessible; I took a picture, with a
laptop disk next to it for scale.
ftp.rodents-montreal.org:/mouse/misc/STA-IDESCSI25.jpg.  The "riser" at
the back, into which the IDE drive plugs, is actually a small removable
card; an IDE laptop cable could be used instead if you don't want the
drive mounted so the adapter turns it into a thicker drive.

My only relationship to MCE Technologies is that of happy customer to

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