[rescue] Sun Type 5 Keyboard Question

James Birdsall jwb-tech at picarefy.com
Sun Oct 19 16:26:52 CDT 2008

alex at lava-net.com wrote:
> Hi,
> Scored an Ultra 10 at the swapfest today, though unfortunately I failed 
> to get a cable for the type 5 keyboard.  The connecter looks like an 
> Apple serial connecter.  Is this correct? Will a Mac serial cable work 
> with this keyboard instead of the official sun cable? If not, does 
> anyone have a cable they'd be willing to part with?
I tried using Apple serial cables with a type-4 keyboard and the machine 
didn't detect the keyboard at all. Rather than fooling around endlessly 
trying to figure out what the difference was, I just bought a few 
530-1442 official Sun cables. You can find them relatively cheaply on 
the net.

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