[rescue] Stuff both free for pickup and some for sale

nate at portents.com nate at portents.com
Fri Oct 17 12:55:06 CDT 2008

Everything below is tested working unless new or otherwise noted.

Free for pickup in 02144:

Mac II computers (3 of them) - all SIMM slots filled (eight 1MB
modules probably), ethernet card, Apple NuBus color video card, one with a
Hayes 2400 baud internal NuBus modem and a Motorola 68851 PMMU upgrade, no
internal hard drives, all tested working several years ago

Mac IIsi, 40MB hard drive, probably 4MB RAM, no floppy drive, untested

Quadra 700 motherboard in a modified IIcx case, some RAM, no VRAM, no HD,
no floppy

AppleCD 300 external SCSI CD-ROM drive (with caddy)

Iomega Bernoulli 150 external SCSI drive, untested

OnStream Echo 30 external USB tape drive, including four 15GB
capacity (approx. 30GB compressed) ADR tapes, comes with Windows
drivers/software and I believe I also put a copy of the Mac
Retrospect drivers in the box as well

Asante Fast 10/100 PCI ethernet adapters (PureData PNIC LC82C169B
controller), 10 refurbished, one new

16-port 10Base-T ethernet hub

Flowpoint 2200-12-C SDSL Router

APC under-monitor power strip/cord manager

Non-functional Apple G4 AGP 200W power supply (Apple part no. 614-0091)

Apex PF2425 25" CRT TV, bought 4 years ago new, two years ago the
sound went out and the image will periodically jump but otherwise
works, could be just a bad capacitor, haven't opened it up to
investigate (includes manual and remote)

eight or so CRT monitors of various types and sizes, most are 15", but I
also have I think three Apple IIgs monitors, two of which don't work, and
one works but has some scratches on the glass

Stuff I'd like to sell, pickup only right now:

$20 Sun SPARCEngine Ultra AXe motherboard and 1U kit, 300Mhz SPARC IIi
CPU, four PC100 ECC RAM slots, three PCI slots, new in box
(compatible with standard ATX cases and power supplies)

$10 HP HP 9000 712/60 workstation, 1GB hard drive, no RAM, untested

$50 HP Visualize C360 workstation, 367Mhz PA-8500 CPU, 512MB or
1024MB RAM (I'll have to check), 4GB hard drive, Visualize EG
graphics card with EVC to VGA adapter, original PA-RISC media (needs a
clean OS install before I sell it)

$150 HP C3650 workstation, 625MHz PA-8700 CPU, 4GB RAM, 18GB 15K RPM hard
drive, HP Visualize FX10 Pro with 128MB VRAM, original PA-RISC media
(needs a clean OS install before I sell it)

$100 SGI Indigo^2 with 1GB RAM, 18GB hard drive, 3-slot SGI Maximum IMPACT
video, GIO64 100Base-T ethernet,  SGI GDM-20D11 monitor (needs a clean
install of the OS before I sell it)

$25 NeXT Laser Printer - 400 DPI laser printer, based on the Canon SX
engine (toner and input paper tray interchangeable with LJ II/III),
proprietary NeXT high speed serial interface, cable included.  I used it
for several years before I retired it (roller rubber started to dry and
had paper misfeeds, retired it and didn't get around to
rejuvenating the rollers)

$5 Mac IIsi NuBus adapter card (with 68882 FPU)

$5 Apple Mac Plus keyboard (also works with 128k and 512k series) - model
M0110A in great shape

$5 Sonnet Presto LC 68040 CPU with FPU upgrade card (for Mac LC series,
takes up the LC PDS slot), new in box

$1 2x write/6x read external SCSI CD-RW drive

$5 GCC UltraDrive SCSI case with a Quantum 1080S 1GB SCSI hard drive,
50-pin Centronics connectors, same footprint as compact Mac series

$5 La Cie SCSI case with a Quantum 1080S 1GB SCSI hard drive, 50-pin and
25-pin SCSI connectors, switchable active termination

$20 UMAX Astra 600S, 600dpi single-pass 30-bit color flatbead SCSI
scanner, includes SCSI cable and terminator

$5 Mac IIci with 8MB RAM, 500MB hard drive, ethernet card, no sound output
probably because motherboard capacitors need replacing at this point

$10 Mac Quadra 700 with 68MB RAM, 2MB VRAM, 1.2GB hard drive (note: I
painted the case black with Krylon Fusion paint)

$15 Mac Quadra 650 with 136MB RAM, 1MB VRAM, 1.2GB hard drive

$15 Mac SE/30, ? RAM, 40MB internal hard drive, non-functional floppy
drive, good screen, Kensington anti-glare filter (need to find the 4 torx
case screws)

$20 PowerMac 7600/132 with 128MB RAM, 1GB hard drive, CD-ROM

$25 PowerMac 8600/250 (250Mhz 604ev CPU w/1MB backside L2 cache),
512MB RAM, 4GB HD, CD-ROM, Rage Pro VR PCI video card, UltraSCSI PCI card

$30 Gigabit G4 Mac motherboard

$5 each Apple 800k external floppy drives, two

$5 each Apple 5.25" external floppy drives, two

$50 Apple IIc Plus (the last model of the Apple II series)

$120 Apple IIgs (ROM 01) with Apple memory expansion card and
internal Applied Engineering Vulcan controller and hard drive <http://
www.vectronicsappleworld.com/ads/ads/appleiigs/vulcan.jpg> which as I
recall is 20MB (need to do a clean install of the OS on the machine before
I sell it)

$120 Apple IIgs (ROM 01) with Apple memory expansion card and CFFA card
<http://dreher.net/CFforAppleII/> for solid state storage (need to do a
clean install of the OS on the machine before I sell it)

$10 for two Adaptec ANA-62011/TX single-port 64-bit PCI server 10/100
ethernet adapters, one new in box

$75 Thermaltake LANBOX Lite VF6000BNS MicroATX computer case, new in box

$40 Silverstone SUGO Pack, computer bag that's perfect for cases like the
Thermaltake LANBOX Lite, Apevia X-QPack, and Silvestone Sugo
SG01/02 series, like new and unused

$600 Custom media PC ready for MythTV or Windows Media Center
Edition, Core 2 Duo E4300 CPU, 8GB RAM, dual ATSC/QAM HD tuner cards,
300GB hard drive, DVD+-RW dual-layer writer, 802.11b/g wireless,
NVIDIA GeForce 8400 256MB video card with VGA, DVI-D (adaptable to HDMI),
component HD and composite SD out, in a black Apevia X-QPack case with
quiet fans

$100 Audiosource Model EQ Fourteen - 10 band stereo graphic EQ and
spectrum analizer, two tape inputs, source input, subsonic filter, pink
noise generator and microphone (in box, all manuals and materials)

$100 Yamaha ADP-1 RF Demodulator, useful for laserdisc players which have
AC-3 (Dolby Digital) RF out, converts it to coax and
optical digital bitstream (in box, all manuals and materials)

Discounts will be considered if you're interested in multiple items.

Note: I'm going to be at the MIT SwapFest
<http://w1mx.mit.edu/flea-at-mit> so anything that isn't claimed before
then I'll probably take with me to sell there.

- Nate

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