[rescue] 2 items for $5

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Oct 17 10:21:06 CDT 2008

pick any two items and they are just $5 + actual shipping costs.
let me know ASAP if you want anything here, as this stuff will be
going to the trash by Sunday.

If you are local to me, you can pick up anything on this list for
free.... but let me know ASAP so I can put it aside for you.

PCI RAID card, SCSI HVD (differential), for Alpha (so I'm told)
Sun 501-1720 SLC mainboard w/o NVRAM
Sun 501-1720 SLC mainboard (w (dead?) NVRAM)
501-1840 Sbus expansion sbus card
Coleco ADAM setup manual
Artecon SmartBox adapter board (Artecon's version of sbus expansion)
Global Villiage teleport Platinum Fax Modem model A812 (for Mac)
Maxtor RXT-800S Magneto Optical drive (not tested (no media))
Syquest SparQ 1.0GB internal drive (not tested (no media))
Corporate Systems Center PCI DIFF SCSI card (HVD), for sparc ?
Compaq drive 'sled' for Pentium II (and III ?) generation
-- has the two purple tabs/levers on the left/right ediges
LaCie FM radio tuner for Macs (ADB)
Performance Technology PT-PCI450 SCSI 3 Ultra Wide Fast Diff (HVD) (Sun?)
2 PCI FDDI cards
Olicom OC-3161 16 serial port ISA card (just ISA card)
2 x 5G + 1 x 4G laptop hard drives (password locked?)
SyQuest EZ Drive 135M EZ135EXT,P/PORT parallel port drive untested
SyQuest SQ555 40M drive
Sun 501-1861 ELC board untested
Apple QuickTake Battery Charger KB-39PA (4xAA charger)
Sparcstation 20 hard drive 'carrier'
1G SCA scsi drives
HP Deskjet 600Cse (needs new ink cartridge)
Compaq PS4000 Power supply compaq part number 270371-001
HP C2490A 2G differential SCSI drives 3.5" HH (6 available)
Compaq LCD front panel for Proliant 6000 and others
Sealed Copy of PC Anywhere 9.0
Sealed copy of McAfee VirusScan Security Suite (from the 90s)

-- Curt

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