[rescue] 3 odd pieces of info... and an item if anybody interested...

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Sat Oct 11 21:35:33 CDT 2008

Working here more on "purging" and finding ways to cut down on the  
physical material things that keep accumulating...

First, digital music:
I'm collecting these Starbucks PIck of the Week cards, and I'm looking  
for the 3 that came out in Austin
(as part of the sponsor ship of the a concert series).  I know believe  
that some of the rescue folks are in the Austin
area, so was wondering if I could impose on someone there to pick up a  
set of the three...  I have a couple of
"the Hotel Cafe Tour" ones that at least came out here in Atlanta....  
(haven't heard if they came out other places..
one card, 4 songs..)

Second, an interesting way to purge...
A related music issue... I just sent a chunk of my CD collection to www.ipodmeister.com 
.  A very interesting way to
get that music collection digitized and pick up an iPod to boot (and  
the big lure, free up space around the house where
the boxes of CD's were...)  So far, I've spoken to them 4 times in the  
process (twice on phone, twice via e-mail) and everything
looks legit.  I'll let you know when the iPod actually arrives...if  
you're interested.

Third, an item:
I've got a power supply which I believe is from an IPI disk drive  
assembly.  Still in the wrapper (it was a replacement I believe)
Made by Seagate (which surprised me).  Part Number 971002-007.  Not  
sure if it could be used for any other large drive assemblies
or the like.  Anybody interested?  If not out it goes...

Just finished boxing up the last of the stuff from the last  
post....more stuff to be posted once I sort it... memory next...


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