[rescue] Looking for AT&T 3B1/UNIXPC/PC7300 software

James Birdsall jwb-tech at picarefy.com
Fri Oct 10 23:29:45 CDT 2008

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
> Looking for diskette images of the OS, development,
> tcp/ip/ethernet, diagnostic diskette, etc....
> -- Curt
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I have the software and a 3B1+ethernet to go with. It was the first Unix 
box I ever owned, and the original picarefy.picarefy.com (and prior to 
that, ...!picarefy!...) eighteen years ago. I hate to give it away but I 
don't really have a use for it anymore; with the security situation 
being what it is, unless a machine can run a current, maintained OS 
(*BSD[1] or Linux), putting it up on the net is just asking for trouble, 
and besides current software packages (like Apache, etc.) won't compile 
on something that old anyway...


[1] Especially NetBSD, which has extensive support for old stuff. I'm 
hanging on to a Sun-2/120 so I can have a 68010-based machine talking 
IPv6 to the world one of these days...

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