[rescue] Random HW needing new home...

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Wed Oct 8 19:07:57 CDT 2008

Hey everyone; I still have more stuff.... shipping from 46219. Nominal  
donations also accepted :D

1) HP/CPQ remote management PCI card (just the card, no external AC  
adapter, and it's a true full-length PCI card!)

2) Original Linksys WAP11

3) Dual-head/port AGP Matrox Millennium graphics card

4) Alteon CD1 180 (8x100Mbit switch)

5) Linksys 802.11g PCMCIA/PCCard

6) Sun Exx00 system board loaded with RAM (128M across 16 x 8M chips)  
and NO CPU

7) Sun Exx00 system board with 1/2 RAM (64M across 8 x 8M chips) and  
one CPU 250Mhz (501-4836) ... has a loose heat sink, but nothing a  
little glue can't fix.

8) Sun Exx00 system board with full RAM (no barcodes; assuming 128M or  
256M) and TWO CPUs (501-4836)

I don't remember if they're the 85Mhz or the 75Mhz(?) backplane.


If you want to barter/trade, I'm looking for a SOHO 10/100/1000  
Switch, a not-so- SOHO 10/100/1000 switch (maybe something like an old  
Alteon 110) 

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