[rescue] The dumpster is here (re: Stuff available for free/donation -> cheap)

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Oct 7 00:31:41 CDT 2008

The dumpster is here... and I'm prepping for the first pass which
I'll be doing this weekend.

In addition to stuff I've previously listed, I also have a ton of
Sun 411 drive boxes.  Most people probably don't want any,
but if someone wants a spare power supply, the fan, or the
internal scsi cable, a replacement plastic top, etc... let me know...
That pile of 411 cases has dumpster written all over it.

I still have a bunch of SS10 bare bases.  If you want a spare
mainboard, power supply, internal scsi cabling, etc... speak
up now....

I have one bare SS20 base left (with JPL Y2K 'OK' sticker on the
front :-) ).

I have a QMS PS810 printer that is going to the dumpster.  It is
a parts printer.  The fuser I think is gone, and the power supply
is suspect.  The logic board is known good.  This printer served
to 'rescue' a QMS PS815 (donating it's power supply, fuser, and
the plastic 'shell').  Any parts wanted off this (mainboard, etc)
let me know.

-- Curt

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