[rescue] What to do with the SS20?

Ross Lonstein ross-sunhelp at lonsteins.com
Mon Oct 6 15:06:54 CDT 2008

On Sun, Oct 05, 2008 at 10:31:08PM -0400, Jonathan Katz wrote:
> I also have 384M of RAM and 5 RAM slots free. Anyone know of a  
> stockpile of spare RAM for the SS20?

This might or might not be useful for you but I have an antistatic bag
  (2) MT18DT8144G-6, 128MB equiv to Sun 501-3136
  (5) KMM5133100BTG-6, P-X7002A 64MB equiv to Sun 270-2273
  (6) various 32MB SEC equiv 501-2622.

Pulls from Ultra-1's and/or SS20's I used to have (I'll eventually get
around to inventorying all this stuff in the closet). Make an offer or
trade for a strat-style gig bag.

- Ross

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