[rescue] What to do with the SS20?

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Sun Oct 5 21:31:08 CDT 2008

Hey everyone...

I have an SS20 with the 150Mhz Ross Hypersparc. Trying to keep this 14  
year old system useful I figured I'd browse e-bay and see if I can  
make the single processor in this system a little less lonely.

It's cheaper for me to buy a Sparc 10 w/ the 125Mhz module than find a  
150Mhz.  :D

Does anyone have a pair of modules... or two 2-way modules looking for  
a home? Or even an original SS5/SS20 CD-ROM? A four-way SS20 would be  
more fun than a one-way...

I also have 384M of RAM and 5 RAM slots free. Anyone know of a  
stockpile of spare RAM for the SS20?

I'm planning on using the box as a honeypot/dev server.

I have the following to trade...
1) Cobalt Qube 3 (need to blank the HD.) 40G HD, 64M RAM.
2) a Cheap electric guitar (!)
3) (a ton of other stuff that I can't think of... like a vintage PONG  

I could swap out the whole lot (Qube, SS20, guitar) for some kind of  
Ultra (220R?) that has a 64-bit PCI slot or three?

Shipping would be to/from 46219 (Indianapolis, IN.)


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