[rescue] Sun stuff in Oregon for free/shipping/donation

haroldkarl at juno.com haroldkarl at juno.com
Wed Oct 1 10:52:04 CDT 2008

I have to lighten my Sun load... some of this has to be to local people.
I have 2
A5200s, 2 D1000s, a bunch of 501-4849 processors, still have some EXX00
(400 mhz 8 meg) and a few rackmount kits (1-D1000, 1-A5X00, 1-E4X00). I
also have rack
kits that came out of a Sun cabinet (used to hold 1010s or SS1000Es I

And a Netra T1405 (maxed), U80 (maxed), a rackmount version of Sun
library EXB-210,
and a bunch of 501-2480 and 501-4743 (pairs only).

as always, shipping plus whatever you think the item is worth.

I am in Forest Grove, OR 97116

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