[rescue] Sun NP20 stuff

Jay York jay_york at verizon.net
Sun Nov 30 12:26:23 CST 2008

IIRC, the NewsPrinter interface was essentially raster video, with the  
rendering engine on the SBUS card.  I think the SparcPrinter interface  
was pretty nearly straight on parallel.  As a side note, I divested of  
the regular Sparcprinter stuff a number of years ago.  I still do have  
a Sparcprinter E in service, which is really a Lexmark Optra (R?),  
with a network interface.

To elaborate a little more on what I've got:

Two NP20 units, one of which may have gooey roller syndrome
extra fuser, toner, supplies, etc., some still NIB
SBUS interface card
SparcClassic intended to be commissioned as print engine

One thing I liked about the NP20 was its 11" pathway - it spit out  
8-1/2" x 11" sideways, and could accommodate 11" x 17" paper.  I think  
resolution was like 400 dpi one way, maybe 600 dpi the other?

Hope that helps a little.

On Nov 30, 2008, at 11:43 AM, der Mouse wrote:

>> The difference between the two (other than PPM/etc) was that the
>> NEWSprinter used a high speed parallel interface to the printer.
> What did the SPARCprinter use, then?  That's what it looked like to  
> me,
> but I didn't look closely at the interface between the lpvi and the
> printer itself.
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