[rescue] Sun NP20 stuff

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sun Nov 30 09:25:45 CST 2008

Bill Bradford wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 11:01:17PM -0500, der Mouse wrote:
>> Is that the "host renderes bitmaps" thing with an lpvi for the host
>> interface?  I thought that was called a SPARCprinter, but perhaps it
>> went under multiple names at different times.
> Mouse is right - I was thinking of the SPARCprinter.  AFAIK the NewsPrinter
> 20 was a later one that had postscript built-in?
> Bill
IIRC (I worked in SunService supporting the SPARCprinter and
NEWSprinter (as well as the Kernel (it was the Kernel/Peripherals
group (odd mix, eh ?)))) neither the SPARCprinter or NEWSprinter
has an 'brains' in it.  The host was used for the brains.  The difference
between the two (other than PPM/etc) was that the NEWSprinter
used a high speed parallel interface to the printer.

If anyone has a setup and needs the software, I probably have the
NEWSprinter20 software around.

I had a NEWSprinter20 on my desktop (and at one point a long
25 pin straight through extender because when I moved cubes
once, the printer area at the end of the cubes was at the far
end.... unsupported... but worked great).  It had great prints,
but I think the fusers tended to run HOT.  The closest I've
come since is a stack of prints from an HP 2300... 

-- Curt

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