[rescue] SGI Indigo2 & IRIX 6.5

Greg Nesbitt gnesbitt-lists at sapphyre.org
Sat Nov 29 17:36:13 CST 2008

Hi Folks,

Cleaning up the home office today, I uncovered my beloved SGI  
Indigo2, which is in running condition but hasn't been used in  
several months at least.  I think, unfortunately, it's time to part  
with it.

It is a Purple Indigo2 IMPACT, R10K IP28, 384MB RAM with a 4GB disk.   
It has the SGI floppy drive installed, as well as a compatible (non- 
SGI) CDROM drive sitting in the bay.  It was loaded about 2 years ago  
with 6.5.twenty*mumble* and was running pretty well.  The box will  
run Linux using some unofficial patches floating around for the  
kernel & gcc, but it's really meant to be an IRIX machine.  To my  
knowledge it will not boot *BSD.

Anyone local to Pittsburgh PA 15131 interested in this guy?  Original  
keyboard and mouse, as well as correctly pinned 13W3 to HD15 adapter  
will go with it (original SGI CRT died and was recycled).  Probably  
too heavy to ship, but I can part it out if no local takers.  I might  
be able to arrange delivery to the DC area during the week of 8/ 
December (I'll be down that way for work).

I also have an IRIX 6.5 Base Install set that I'll let go with this  

Contact me off-list if interested.  Price is somewhere between $0 and  

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