[rescue] Stuff for sale, trade, and free! (Bloomington, IN)

Brian Wheeler bdwheele at indiana.edu
Mon Nov 24 13:55:49 CST 2008

Its time to clean up things a bit...mostly stuff I've not had the time
or desire to play with :)

If I'm too high (or too low) make an offer!

I'm not going to ship the complete NeXT boxes or the box of tapes,
but I can be persuaded with everything else: buyer pays shipping  

I'm located in Bloomington, IN 47408

Things I'm looking for:
       * Playstation 2
       * Amiga Stuff: A1200, A600
       * CoCo stuff:  Coco3 + disk controller
       * Commodore stuff: C128, 1571, 1581, C65 (hahaha)

Get this stuff out of my house!

For Sale

NeXTstation (Mono)	$50
    32M RAM
    no HD
    Mono Monitor
    Floppy Drive

NeXTcube		$75
    64M RAM
    NeXT Dimension Card
    Color Monitor (needs 13w3 cable)
    Mono Monitor
    Floppy Drive
    no HD

3x NeXT Mono Video Cable	$2 each

NeXT Keyboard+Mouse	$5

DECserver 200/MC	$5

Sun DDS2 DAT Drive in 611 Enclosure $10

OkiData 184 Turbo	$20
    New in box

20x  10baseT external tranceivers with cable.  $1 each

Box of TK50s  (86 tapes) $20
    Distribution tapes circa 1989-1992.  
    Ingres, RDB, Fortran, VMS 5.4, VMS 6.0, etc

DEC Multia AXP 166MHz
    Unknown condition.
    32M RAM
    No HD

2x HP 715/64
   Unknown condition
   One has 64M(?) and a disk.  One has neither.
   Both show "Memory error"  (leds -76-43--)

SS20 Chassis
     No disks or ram.  Didn't see a processor in there either.

VAX C Manual

Toshiba Satellite 400CS/810
  P75 / 700M Disk / 16M RAM
  Battery seems to work, but no promises.

External DAT, Centronics connectors.  Unknown capacity

2x Ext SCSI enclosure w/centronics connectors.  sun 411 enclosure size

Model M Keyboard (original PC connector) 

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