[rescue] FS: 19" 42U Rack

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Mon Nov 24 06:25:17 CST 2008

Charles Monett wrote:
> Dan Sikorski wrote:
>> Brooke Gravitt wrote:
>>> Is anyone local to the Atlanta area interested in a 19" 42U rack?
>>> It's been in my datacenter^Wgarage and used to hold my servers, which
>>> have been pared down to just a single Mac. I have a couple of telco
>>> rack shelves to go with it as well. Looking for a hundred bucks for
>>> it. You'll obviously need a truck, unless your miata or sentra has a
>>> trailer hitch :) Email me off-list for pictures if interested.
>> You don't need a trailer hitch.  Worse case, if the wheels on the rack 
>> are bad, all you need is a dolly.
> Those rack wheels will be bad by the end of the trip.

Not if you lay it down (and you'd have to be crazy not to).

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