[rescue] Wanted: SparcClassic SIMMS (2x 16MB)

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Tue Nov 18 11:16:35 CST 2008

Quoth Kurt Nowak ...

> Does anyone have a matching pair of 16MB simms for my trusty 
> SparcClassic/OpenBSD firewall/router... I got an NMI panic last night 
> and discovered I fried one of them.... The Sun P/N is 501-2059-01

I don't have any here, but I can tell you that the Classic will use ordinary
PC SIMMs; 72-pin, 70 ns, FPM, real-parity (39 bit) items fill the bill
nicely.  You can even use 32 MB SIMMs in the first bank of memory, jacking
up the total RAM available a bit.


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