[rescue] Last change before dumpster

Ewen Roberts eroberts at san.rr.com
Sat Nov 15 12:53:34 CST 2008

Hi Curtis,

I'd be interested in adding the AlphaPC mainboard to the pile of  
things I'm buying from you. Also if you happen to have one of the  
little boxes that you plug into a DECStation 3000 for the keyboard and  
mouse hookup, I'm looking for one of those too. :)

At present I think I'm buying the following from you:

Sun SparcStation 20 (a "ready to run" one)
Extra Drive holder for same
Sun 411 drive box

+ Alpha PC 64 mainboard

There may have been something else, I can't find the note that I made  
any more.


On 15 Nov, 2008, at 07:41 , Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:

> The following items are free if you are local, or $5 + actual
> ship if you are not local.  This stuff will be going in the dumpster
> by Monday AM if unclaimed.
> LN03 font cartridges
> LN03 Programmers Reference Manual
> LN03X-A0 Maintenance Kits
> LN03X-TA Toner Kits
> Digital AlphaPC64 Mainboard new in box with manual
> Digital PMAG-A Turbochannel monochrome video card
> Sun SLC mainboards
> Sun ELC mainboards
> HP 92285A Toner carts (LaserJet (inc. Plus and 500), Apple  
> LaserWriter)
> Tektronix PhaserShare Ethernet Card for Phaser 350
> -- Curt
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