[rescue] Last change before dumpster

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Nov 15 09:41:04 CST 2008

The following items are free if you are local, or $5 + actual
ship if you are not local.  This stuff will be going in the dumpster
by Monday AM if unclaimed.

LN03 font cartridges
LN03 Programmers Reference Manual
LN03X-A0 Maintenance Kits
LN03X-TA Toner Kits
Digital AlphaPC64 Mainboard new in box with manual
Digital PMAG-A Turbochannel monochrome video card
Sun SLC mainboards
Sun ELC mainboards
HP 92285A Toner carts (LaserJet (inc. Plus and 500), Apple LaserWriter)
Tektronix PhaserShare Ethernet Card for Phaser 350

-- Curt

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