[rescue] VAXStations

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Nov 4 21:42:48 CST 2008

I have some VAXstations available for those that are interested...

1 x VAXstation 3100 (M30)
1 x VAXstation 4100 (M40) missing 'door' for front bays
2 x VAXstation 3100 M38
2 x VAXstation 3100 M76

all have 8 plane graphics except for the M30 (or was it the M40?).

all have 8M of RAM.

Other than the 4100 and one M38, these systems are in excellent
cosmetic condition (may require some cleaning).  The M40 has
plastic 'issues' (missing front bay door, some hidden cracks), and
an M76 has a 2" scratch in the top.  One of the M38's top doesn't
look like it fits as good as on the other M38 and is a bit more
dinged up.  Other than that and that most require some cleaning,
they are in excellent condition.

Systems do not have hard drives.  I do have 1G and 2G 50 pin
SCSI drives available though (non DEC).

Add 1G drives at $10 each, Add 2G drives at $15 each.

If you are interested in a specific one, please make an offer.
I'll likely be listing these on eBay depending on interest here.

Buyer will be actual shipping plus $5 to cover packing materials.

-- Curt

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