[rescue] Help mounting G2 DL380 systems

Devin Ganger devin at thecabal.org
Sat May 31 19:26:55 CDT 2008

Okay, this isn't Sun-related, but enough of you here have worked with these
older systems I figured it was worth a shot.

A friend of mine has picked up a few used G2 DL380s recently and is trying to
put them back into service. He's got a Compaq/HP 19" rack with square holes
and since one of the DL380s came with a rackmount kit, he figured he was set.
Not so fast!

Problem #1: we got the rails mounted into the rack without any problems, but
when we extended them and went to lift the DL380 into place, the rails on the
server weren't staying in place. When we looked more closely, the rails on the
DL380 didn't match the rails in the rack and left about a .25" gap on each
side. Luckily, he had a spare set on one of the other servers that *did*
match. The spare set of rails were actually a bit thicker and taller than the
set that was on the server, so we thought we would be in good shape by
swapping them.

Problem #2: the spare set wasn't intended for a G2, we think, because the
rear-most post on each side of the server had been cut off so this spare set
of rails would actually fit on. We couldn't put them on the DL380 he'd
recommissioned without performing similar surgery. We instead opted to swap
RAM, cards, and disks into the other chassis so we only had one mangled

Problem #3: Going to mount it this time gave us almost .5" of gap between the
server rails and the rack rails.

What are we missing, other than (we guess) the right mounting kits? His rack
is a bog-standard 19" center-to-center square hole rack. Are we doing
something obviously wrong, or is this just a matter of getting burned by eBay
and needing to track down appropriate rail kits?

Thanks in advance.

Devin L. Ganger <devin at thecabal.org>
Devin on Earth: http://blogs.thecabal.org/blogs/devin/

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