[rescue] Bridging on a Sun QFE?

Stian Sletner stian at sletner.com
Wed May 28 12:01:07 CDT 2008


I was wondering if anyone has ever successfully done bridging between
the interfaces on a QFE.  I recently stuffed one in a HP C3600 running
OpenBSD and after a bit of fiddling with the kernel configs (owing to
the fact that nobody had envisioned the combination before) it came up
fine.  However it won't let me bridge between its interfaces.  I can
bridge between one interface on it and the onboard NIC just fine.

A friend also mentioned having vague recollections of similar problems
at some point (on another platform, presumably x86 or sparc).

So, is there something about the QFE that makes bridging
hard/impossible, or is it a bug in the OpenBSD driver?  Anyone got any

Stian Sletner

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