[rescue] Sun SS20 ROM revision needed for SM81s?

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Tue May 27 22:10:12 CDT 2008

> i have some 5012480 64M sticks, but no antistatic bags to ship them
> in.  i'd move them for $1 + cost of bag + cost of shipping, if i
> could find where to get bags...

Doesn't digikey sell them?</memory type=fuzzy>

I've got a fair surplus (I scarf them up at most opportunities) and,
provided y'all don't flood me with requests, will mail 'em out in small
numbers on request.  (Don't bother with money; trying to cover the
postage is more trouble than it's worth, for any quantity that doesn't
count as flooding me with requests.)

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