[rescue] more stuff from the garage

Saquinn624 at aol.com Saquinn624 at aol.com
Mon May 26 10:52:39 CDT 2008

Any interest in a Tatung Super COMPstation-20S SPARCstation 20 clone? 
Currently has 2xSM71 and 208MB and TGX graphics.
If anyone has a hot yen for a HP9000 G70 (dual-processors with max RAM 
(768MB), I've had HP-UX 11i running on it), I might be easily persuaded. It's an 
unracked ex-rack model, so the front bezel is loose but present. Includes console 
cable and redundant power supply units.

Also, it's sounding like the guy I was going to send my Origin200 (base 
model, 1x180MHz and 200-somthing MB RAM, no skins) to might be no longer 
interested, so that one could be available.

Also have a set of purple SGI Indigo2 feet and a Xyplex Network 9000 terminal 
server (~20 ports, TS720 with Flash-card boot), and an almost-new-in-box 
(removed for testing) Litronic Argus 2102 SCSI PCMCIA reader.

On the flip side, if anyone's getting rid of any little Alpha boards/systems 
that take an EV56 or better or 3B2 stuff I'd be interested provided it isn't 
the expensive stuff.

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