[rescue] Mac classic Midi... Yamaha C1 laptop PC

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Sat May 24 20:32:56 CDT 2008


  I'm looking for old Mac Classic MIDI sequencing applications. I found a 
list of them in an old FAQ, but the software is pretty much lost to 
history. I picked up a Mac MIDI interface for the old serial port 
setups... and I kinda want to see it go.

  Not looking to use the software for production.

  I did find one program, but it just crashes (maybe system 8 or system 9 
are too new). (Music Works Midi, which was unreleased when it was 
written but later given out by the author).

  I did find Opcode Vision, but haven't been able to actually get it on the 
Mac yet since it won't fit on a single floppy.


  Also there is a computer I was amazed by as a kid, and it would be cool 
to lay paws on one. It's called the Yamaha C1.
Just a crappy 286 laptop with a bunch of MIDI jacks on the back:

Dunno much about the CX5M (MSX based machine?)

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