[rescue] Mac Disk bootable

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Sat May 24 13:49:02 CDT 2008

On Sat, May 24, 2008 at 05:34:42PM +0100, Mark wrote:

> >Since the drive was a pull from an iMac G5, I would have thought it  
> >would have had a Apple_Partition_Map (unless they stopped using that  
> >when they went to G5s).
> x86 = GUID
> That's how partition maps pan out on Apple machines. I'm a bit fuzzy  
> about booting across platforms though, AFAIK Intel machines only  
> *boot* GUID and PPC only *boot* APM, because of what the firmwares are  
> setup to recognise. They will both *mount* both types once booted into  
> OS X however.

That's kinda what I thought, but then I wondered if the stuck with APM
once they stopped being able to boot Classic.

> >I couldn't figure out how to check that, but I did figure out how to  
> >use diskutil to force that.  The drive is now being copied over  
> >again, then I will try running bless again (although it still seems  
> >odd to me that CCC would state the copy will be bootable if I still  
> >have to run bless manuall), followed by actually retrying to boot  
> >from the drive.
> In the OS X Disk Utility.app (accessible from either the boot DVD or  
> the OS) you can see at the bottom of the window when you select a  
> drive what partition map it has installed. A G5 iMac should have been  
> using APM. A friend of mine had issues, however, taking an APM  
> partitioned drive from another Mac and trying to use it as a boot  
> drive on a PowerMac G5, so there may be some voodoo between G5s and  
> other machines? Dunno for sure.
> My advice would be if possible erase the entire drive, preferably  
> changing the partition map at the same time, in the G4 you are using  
> it with.

I used diskutil to write a new partition map (APM), repartition, and
reformat.  When I left to go to work, I left CCC copying the old disk
over (set to ignore the problem directories).

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