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Mark md.benson at gmail.com
Sat May 24 11:34:42 CDT 2008

On 24 May 2008, at 17:06, Joshua Boyd wrote:

> On May 24, 2008, at 2:55 AM, Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
>> On Sat, 24 May 2008, Joshua Boyd wrote:
>>> Is it possible to run the bless command when booted from another
>>> harddrive?  The name of the new disk is DA G4.  I'm trying this
>>> command in Terminal.app while booted from another disk:
>> Is the disk partitioned with an Apple_Partition_Map as opposed to a  
>> partition table or MBR?
> Since the drive was a pull from an iMac G5, I would have thought it  
> would have had a Apple_Partition_Map (unless they stopped using that  
> when they went to G5s).

x86 = GUID

That's how partition maps pan out on Apple machines. I'm a bit fuzzy  
about booting across platforms though, AFAIK Intel machines only  
*boot* GUID and PPC only *boot* APM, because of what the firmwares are  
setup to recognise. They will both *mount* both types once booted into  
OS X however.

> I couldn't figure out how to check that, but I did figure out how to  
> use diskutil to force that.  The drive is now being copied over  
> again, then I will try running bless again (although it still seems  
> odd to me that CCC would state the copy will be bootable if I still  
> have to run bless manuall), followed by actually retrying to boot  
> from the drive.

In the OS X Disk Utility.app (accessible from either the boot DVD or  
the OS) you can see at the bottom of the window when you select a  
drive what partition map it has installed. A G5 iMac should have been  
using APM. A friend of mine had issues, however, taking an APM  
partitioned drive from another Mac and trying to use it as a boot  
drive on a PowerMac G5, so there may be some voodoo between G5s and  
other machines? Dunno for sure.

My advice would be if possible erase the entire drive, preferably  
changing the partition map at the same time, in the G4 you are using  
it with.

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