[rescue] Altos III terminal and more available, free stuff in Renton, WA

Saquinn624 at aol.com Saquinn624 at aol.com
Wed May 21 20:41:31 CDT 2008

If anyone's interested I have an Altos-III terminal with keyboard (slightly 
yellowed) and manual available. There's a fault in the PSU and it isn't 
bringing up the logic board power properly, and so far I haven't gotten around to 
messing with it. 

Free pickup as-is, Renton, WA.

If you have something to trade you'd probably be able to persuade me to make 
fixing it a priority.

Also I have a Diablo 620 daisy-wheel printer with multiple print wheels, 
spare ribbons, and manual. works, best offer accepted. 

Also in the free pile: 
HP AdvanceStack "Switching Hub" for 10BaseT (it's a hub, not a switch). 
Includes management module
Cartridge for Canon LBP-SX printer engine (LaserJet II/many LaserWriter IIs), 
also a used-working fuser assembly for the SX engine

Sun Type-4 keyboards (no cables)
SBUS parallel cards
a XENIX-compatible Pentium-233 machine (used to run XENIX at a dental office)
a Sun Aurora-II chassis and PSU - put a fast 1/2 height CD-ROM in your 
Xyplex MAXserver terminal server cards and
a Xyplex X-25 bridge card! Infuriate yourself or buy for your closest 
enemies! Can even supply a MX3k or MX5k chassis for the above 2 things if you want.

Sun 3/200 boardset (CPU and RAM, 24 or 32MB worth). Needs chassis and a PROM 
Sun 501-1153 VME -> IPI-2
Sun VME "SCSI-II" (not that SCSI-II, it's SCSI-I) card in either a X/X60 
carrier (no external port) or a carrier with an external DD50 SCSI-port.
Sun Xylogics-450 Multibus SMD controller in a Sun VTM adaptor. Can be removed 
from the VTM as well.
AT-101 keyboards, many of them.
Possibly a RS/6000 3CT as well. It has GXT150M graphics, sound.


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