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> >I would never try to get away with violating the FCC rules.  Not worth it.  
> Screw around on the ham bands, the hams will be the first to find you and report 
> you to the friendly candy company.  You violated the rules and lost your 
> equipment.  Oh well.
> Back in the '70s on "11 meters" we used to have "Antenna Parties" at offending 
> stations... I never participated, but heard of a couple while I was in CA. 
> Usually it was for running a "foot warmer" or pointing your cubical-quad 
> "moonrakre" beam at a local users station and blasting them...
> Lionel

We had "membership drives" when we found some one on the ham bands that didn't belong there.  A bunch of us would meet over their house and offer to help them get their ham license.  I know that sounds like something else :) but we would just inform them that the FCC really does not like illegal operating but if they actually wanted to get their license, we would help them with the code, theory and rules.  If nothing else, having a bunch of people showing up at your house sends a message that if amateurs can find you, the FCC certainly can.  BTW, we used to have transmitter hunts on 10 mtrs.  Two rules; don't violate any laws and don't cross state lines.  :)


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