[rescue] ThinkPads, was Re: Useful stuff for small spaces

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat May 17 15:20:02 CDT 2008

Steven M Jones wrote:
> For me the TP 600E circa 1999, and especially the 600X P3/500 I
> bought, was a breakthrough machine -- I could actually take that on the
> road and be fully functional. The typical Dell laptop of the time was,
> IMHO, a total piece of crap by comparison. Not to say the TPs were
> perfect -- just look at the many, many, many complaints about the
> battery (mis-)management.

I loved my 600X... still have it.... (no good batteries for it... but I 
have the
laptop :-) ).

I upgraded the processor to an 850mhz too...  (after I stopped using it....
it just sits....  I probably should pull and sell the processor MMC-II
850mhz cpus still fetch a decent amt on ePay (for a P3 processor anyway)).

-- Curt

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