[rescue] ThinkPads, was Re: Useful stuff for small spaces

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Sat May 17 14:45:41 CDT 2008

Robert Darlington wrote:
> I deal with the more modern thinkpads, day in and day out.  T40, 42,
> 42p, 43, 43p, 60, 60z, etc.  They're solid machines, very much unlike
> the older systems.  The old systems were what I consider to be junk,

For me the TP 600E circa 1999, and especially the 600X P3/500 I
bought, was a breakthrough machine -- I could actually take that on the
road and be fully functional. The typical Dell laptop of the time was,
IMHO, a total piece of crap by comparison. Not to say the TPs were
perfect -- just look at the many, many, many complaints about the
battery (mis-)management.

When I moved up to a T23 P3/1.1GHz with the hi-res 1400x1050 display I
wasn't just functional, I was carrying a desktop workstation equivalent.
The plastic did get brittle after about five years on the road, and
losing bits of the case is the primary way I rationalized a new T61p
this year...

> The only problem I ever have with these T40-T60 models is the fans die
> after a few years.

Guess I've been lucky -- no fan problems I've noticed on any of my
ThinkPads from the 600X on.


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