[rescue] Useful stuff for small spaces

Nadine Miller velociraptor at gmail.com
Fri May 16 21:23:56 CDT 2008

Ethan O'Toole wrote:
>> Not just Macbooks.  I have an HP zv6000 series which is literally 
>> falling apart.  Plastic is falling off the front and the touch pad has 
>> the same problem.  I'm switching over to a Powerbook (Pismo) for a 
>> while.  For a 10 year old machine, it's in a lot better shape than the 
>> HP.  Shame.
>> Bob
> My work machine is a macbook. Someone mentioned the palmrest 
> discoloration. The Mr Green cleanbar (some sorta odd sponge stuff) is 
> rumored to re-whiten them. Wait, I've seen it work. It did work :-)

I can personally verify that it's not a rumor.  They're made of melamine 
foam, which is microporous. I use them on just about everything these 
days--MacBook, Powerbook, walls, doors, etc.  They also work really well 
on anodized aluminum, so they clean up iPod Minis very nicely (most 
looks totally crappy because people don't clean them, and anodization 
holds dirt well).

Just don't put any soap or cleanser on them, they don't work as well 
when you do that, in my experience.  Also, if you are using them on 
small stuff, cut them into smaller pieces.  I sliced one in half 
longways so it was about 1/4" thick, then cut those in half.  That gave 
me 4 ~1.5" squares about 1/4" thick, perfect for iPods, mice, trackball, 
and other small computer bits.  I also used this stuff on Heathkit 
equipment chassis; they work pretty well on textured surfaces.


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