[rescue] RAID on Solaris x86

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Thu May 15 11:27:03 CDT 2008

> Earl D. Baugh Jr. wrote:
> > I don't know about Open Solaris, but I just got (for free... yes, "SCORE"
> )
> > an LSI 8 channel SAS PCI-X RAID Controller... and it has Solaris drivers.
> > Definitely something I wouldn't have budget for without the "free" part
> 8-)
> > (I didn't check to see if they were x86 or Sparc yet, as it went into an
> > Intel motherboard...the first I got that will support a quad core
> processor...
> > and has 12 USB ports....)
> >
> > Helps to have a friend who's a VP at LSI 8-)
> Sir,
> You inhale with great vigor.  :)

Yeah, if it weren't me I'd think the same thing 8-)

BTW, I have 6 SATA II drives plugged into the SAS card, works swimmingly 8-)
Same cables.

I checked with my friend at LSI and I can even MIX SAS and SATA II drives on
controller...that's a supported configuration.  So, lots of options on

The system I'm working with here has two PCI-X slots.  I don't suppose
> you could find out for me what a pair of those controllers would cost
> me...?  What's the model number, to check against the Sol10 x86 HCL?

Let me dig here...Ah found it.  Here's the card:

I actually read the downloads and it's got a Solaris x86 (32 and 64 bit)
The list prices I've found for these were in the $500-$700 range per card.
(yes, it was a very nice gift!)
I did some checking after I got it and didn't find any of this model "cheap"
on EBay...just checked, and there
are some in the $500 range...

I don't have the battery backed memory modules (but normal memory sticks
work...and a UPS covers the rest 8-) )
(though I do have a e-mail search waiting for one on ebay...they seem to pop
up in the $20 range)

It is a very nice card, you can access full config during boot, web based,
and via installed OS apps...
(almost as nice as a bios that works out the serial port 8-) )

BTW, you might not need 2 of these cards... you can get an "expander" which
according to my friend,
lets you expand (docs say at least 32 drives, with some of their cards
supporting up to 100+ drives...)
It's called an "extender", and apparently you don't get any "drop off" in
Googling for "LSI SAS Expander" will give you at least some info...
(as will this link :
You basically remove some cables from drives and connect them to this
thing... (you end up with an external drive box of some sort...)


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