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Mark md.benson at gmail.com
Thu May 15 02:12:11 CDT 2008

On 15 May 2008, at 01:14, Nadine Miller wrote:

> Phil Stracchino wrote:
>> Nadine Miller wrote:
>>> Very nice for a teeny-tiny disk-based backup system like Time  
>>> Machine or similar.
>>> But, 320GB 2.5" SATA are still $140; Seagate 500GB 3.5" SATA's are  
>>> on at Newegg for $80 at the moment.  It's a quandary.
>> Of course, for boot disks I don't need 320GB.  And NewEgg has  
>> Hitachi 40GB 2.5" for about $40ea.
>> Then again, at the moment I have an 80GB 7200rpm PATA disk sitting  
>> here that's effectively free ... so there is still a quandary.
> Buy the 2.5" and flip a few spare parts on eBay.  Quandary solved.   
> I'm trying to scrape together enough this way with my own spares  
> collecting dust to finance the difference between the "fat" (144MB  
> graphics) refurb MacBook and the price my G4 Powerbook will bring on  
> eBay.

MacBooks have bad Karma. I wouldn't recommend one personally. Nothing  
wrong with them functionally as computers, but the cases are really  
poor quality, and all plastic. The first ones suffered with the  
plastic on thepalmrest and trackpad discolouring (permanantly, like  
you can't clean it say you wanted to). The more recent models have  
started suffering cracked plastics along the edge of the palmrest, and  
along the sides of the keyboard, with slivers even cracking right off.  
Apple are aware of both issues and will repair them most likely FOC, I  
think provided they can't find evidence of obvious abuse, but reports  
on that are still a little confused and it might take talking to a  
store manager or a supervisor if the 'Genius' you see isn't going for  
it. Now that means that it's okay right? Well you have to think if  
they've started doing that on the outside, then what is the structure  
of the MacBook doing on the inside every-time you move it? It's the  
age old 'cheap = plastic = not strong enough" problem. iBooks used to  
suffer badly with it too.

> I'm also thinking about resorting to eBay for the motorcycles I've  
> been trying to sell, since we've gotten nothing locally and from a  
> couple of our m/c forums but tire-kickers thus far.  Of course, this  
> notion has been further spurred by the fact that I just found a  
> *very* cheap m/c I've been wanting for a while on CL about 50 mi.  
> from my mom's.

Wow, you even ride a motorcycle? You couldn't be any cooler (IMHO) if  
you tired ;).

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