[rescue] FW: WTT: 1.5G of PC2700 for 1G of PC100]

Michael C. Vergallen mvergall at telenet.be
Tue May 13 23:44:40 CDT 2008

Shannon Hendrix wrote:

> Just curious, what sort of hassles didi you find there?
At the time of my testing it ...that is  quite a while ago ( 1.5 - 2 
years ago) I must admit it simply was not ready yet thus I had a stink 
of a time  using
it on the current server I have  ( E4000 - 6 cpu - 6 gb ram  and  about  
2 Tb data ) so I simply ended up creating a mirrored disk system with 
some data
on a mirrored raid5. all data is mirrored ( I know I am paranoid about 
data loss). Now it seems sush a major job  to convert it all to use zfs 
that I just
will wait until I build a new server with all new disks  or when I need 
to get some more disk arrays add to the system  at the moment I have (4 
with 12 x 36 gb in each cage)  + (one Multipack with 12 x 18 gb )  
hanging of it and no way  to really back the system up thus I have to 
wait until I can
find some more disk arrays to even attempt to convert that machine to 
zfs... it could be that I made a few mistakes at the time when 
attempting to set up
 the server with zfs but I can4t remember what I did then that did not work.


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