[rescue] Phone Parts and Old Apple Networking parts...

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Sun May 11 15:08:26 CDT 2008

Does anybody here have a Treo 650ish series phone and need some  
chargers for it?
I'm still whittling down the pile of stuff around here, and found one  
regular size, one mini travel
and one car charger for the Treo I sold last year...(when I got my  
iPhone).  The person who
bought the Treo got two adapters and didn't want these (they worked  
fine last time I tried them)
Standard "square" plug (and believe there is one data cable as  
well...)  so should work for any
of the ones since the 650...

Also have a "new" in the box Farallon Phone Net Star Controller  
(believe it's 24 ports).
I have no idea if old Mac collectors still deal with AppleTalk  
networks, but this is a never-been-used
controller...lets you run a bunch of boxes... I had a 2nd one that I  
used at an old $work company
to update the AppleTalk network to be able to handle all the office  
space we had...got the two of them at an auction...
they were still shrink wrapped originally....this one has since lost  
that.....but sold the other to $work at the time for 1/2 list
price and definitely made some money 8-)

Don't know if there is any particular Apple collectors that would be  
interested in this (but figured instead of
going to the recycler is at least worth trying to get to someone who  
might use it...)

Saw no real interest for them on EBay, so before they get tossed,  
figured I'd offer them
for price of postage + box (and a lovely beverage would always be  


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