[rescue] [geeks] Too good to be true?

Ian Finder ian.finder at gmail.com
Thu May 8 15:31:48 CDT 2008

I'm so close to biting the bullet and trying one-- I'm in dire need of
cheap backup.

If I've got the money and end up going through with it I'll let you
all know, but if someone has a definitive answer that'd obviously be a
lot better.

- F

On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 3:18 PM, Sridhar Ayengar <ploopster at gmail.com> wrote:
> Phil Stracchino wrote:
>> Since my LTO1 drive has developed some intermittent faults, I went looking
>> to see what repair/replacement costs might be, and stumbled across this
>> interesting part number:
>> OV-ARC901007
>> If you google that, you'll find it is quite widely stocked by multiple
>> vendors including Amazon, and listed as an internal expansion drive for
>> Overland LTO3 tape libraries.  At prices mostly under $200.
>> Yeah.  That's right.  An LVD-SCSI internal LTO3 drive, 400GB native
>> capacity, brand new, for under $200.
>> Seems too good to be true.
>> Does anyone happen to know whether this is, in fact, a fully functional
>> drive (aside from the lack of a bezel) and whether it could be used as a
>> standalone internal tape drive?  If so, it seems an insanely inexpensive way
>> to get into some large-capacity tape backup.
> Here's hoping you get an unambiguous answer.  I could use bigger backup
> tape.
> Peace...  Sridhar
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