[rescue] Small servers (was Re: WTT: 1.5G of PC2700 for 1G of PC100)

wa2egp at att.net wa2egp at att.net
Wed May 7 22:19:55 CDT 2008

> One of the best performance charts I have ever seen is in "Programming  
> Pearls".
> They show a TRS-80 and a DEC Alpha doing the same job, but the TRS-80  
> code is better written.
> The DEC is hundreds of times faster... until the problem size  
> increases to a point at which the DEC would take 400 years to do what  
> the TRS-80 does in fifteen minutes.
> Excellent example of how little raw power means if you use it wrong,  
> and exactly why throwing horsepower or misguided ideology at a problem  
> is stupid.
> Programmers do *NOT* always cost more than computers.

Hmmmm.....time to get the Model 4 out. Anybody have TRSDOS without the Y1980 bug? :)


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