[rescue] FW: WTT: 1.5G of PC2700 for 1G of PC100

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at gmail.com
Wed May 7 14:16:26 CDT 2008

Jochen Kunz wrote:
> On Tue, 06 May 2008 11:17:15 -0400
> Sridhar Ayengar <ploopster at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> No ZFS in NetBSD yet. And I will not hold my breath waiting for it.
>> Isn't the FreeBSD ZFS code approaching production-quality?
> FreeBSD != NetBSD. IIRC the last year GSoC ZFS for NetBSD project got as far as a mostly working ZVol layer and will be continued this year.
No, but architecturally, it's closer than Linux or Solaris are.  It 
wouldn't surprise me if some of the work could be leveraged.

>>> On the other side: The soon to be branched 5.0 will have good, old,
>>> rock solid FFS with shining new jornaling support...
>> Just for metadata or for data too?
> Metadata only. See:
> http://mail-index.netbsd.org/tech-kern/2008/03/02/msg000504.html
> If you need data-journaling LFS would be the better route.

But then LFS doesn't have metadata journaling, does it?  And is LFS (as 
of 4.0) now ready for prime-time?

Peace...  Sridhar

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