[rescue] FW: WTT: 1.5G of PC2700 for 1G of PC100

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Thu May 1 18:01:24 CDT 2008


Would you be interested in an Apple SCSI card? I parted out a few G3's  
and one had an Adaptec SCSI card...


On May 1, 2008, at 9:38 AM, "Geoffrey S. Mendelson"  
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> On Thu, May 01, 2008 at 08:54:10AM -0400, William Enestvedt wrote:
>>   Can a Blue & White G# actually address that much RAM? If not, I've
>> got a pair of 128MB PC133 Value RAM (a.k.a. Kingston) sticks that you
>> can have outright.
> It can hold 4 DIMMS. It can address up to 128 megabytes per set of
> 8 chips, so you can have 512m of RAM with 4 128m DIMMs, 1g of RAM
> with 4 16 chip 256m DIMMs, or 512m of RAM with 4 8 chip 256m DIMMs.
> The DIMMs have to have to be the same speed 100/133 and type, e.g.
> 2-2-2. For some reason you could assort them under OS9, but it won't
> work under OSX.
> IMHO it had better be a version 2 motherboard, otherwise, it's not
> worth the effort. The best you will be able to do without extra
> hardware is a single 10g IDE hard drive and if you replace the optical
> drive a 16X PC CDROM or 4X DVD drive.
> The motherboard will not support 66mHz DMA, but MacOS will try to  
> use it,
> so you need drives that are not capable of going faster than 33mHz.  
> Apple
> sold faster hard and optical drives which were "fixed" in the  
> firmware.
> The same fix was in OSX 10.0-10.2, but not 10.3 or later.
> Geoff.
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