[rescue] Happiness is:

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Mon Mar 31 13:38:33 CDT 2008

> As for what else I have in the collection that covers some ground:

I emailed at the guy who made it, but never received a response..... what 
the hell was Money for Nothing made on. There was an atari ST ad that had 
an image from it.... but at last, Wikipedia has answered this question:

"Ian Pearson and Gavin Blair created the animation, using a Bosch FGS-4000 
CGI system. The animators went on to found computer animation studio 
Mainframe Entertainment, and referenced the "Money for Nothing" video in 
an episode of their ReBoot series. The video also included stage footage 
of Dire Straits performing, with partially rotoscoped-animation in bright 
neon colors, as seen on the record sleeve."

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