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> On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 10:42:31AM -0600, Richard wrote:
> > You and anyone else are always welcome to donate any unloved SGI gear
> > to the computer graphics history museum I'm creating in Salt Lake
> > City. [...]
> > 4D/35, Indigo, Indy, Indigo^2 (Turquoise and Purple), Onyx RE, Onyx
> > RE2, Onyx Reality Monster, Challenge XL, Crimson, O2, Octane, Origin
> > 2000.
> > 
> > I'm looking for the early 68k-based terminals, something from the
> > Professional IRIS series, IRIS Power Series, Fuel and Tezro.  I've got
> > a line on something from Origin 3000 and another Onyx IR system.
> Ugm, that doesn't sound like a very good spread of gear.  Where are the
> E&S systems, or the Symbolics systems, or the Pixar Image Computer?

That was just the list of what SGI stuff I have :-).  I didn't mean to
equate SGI with all computer graphics.

Pixar Image Computer?  Man, talk about a hardware wet dream I've had
since NCGA 1984!  There's a collector in Seattle who has one and I'm
hoping to check it out in a few weeks when I'm there for the Microsoft
MVP Summit.

As for what else I have in the collection that covers some ground:

	- Evans & Sutherland ESV workstation w/ARS and CDRS (probably the
	only one left in the world that hasn't been scrapped)
	- Tektronix storage scope terminals (4010, 4014)
	- Tektronix raster terminals (4105, 4205)
	- Visual terminals (have 4010 capability, but they keep getting
	smashed by shitty shippers, so both the ones I have are damaged)
	- HP 1351A graphics generator (drives an oscilloscope)
	- AT&T Pixel Machine (fully loaded, just need Sun driver s/w)
	- Megatek graphics terminals (one color, one B&W)
	- HP2648A graphics terminals
	- Eve (successor to Lilith) Modula-2 boxes
	- Sun 3 (1-bit FB but it was graphics!)

I haven't managed to get an HP2627A (2621 terminal with graphics), a
Gigi terminal, or any of the DEC VTxx terminals with graphics options.

I don't have any PDP-11 systems with graphics options.  I don't have a
good selection of 80s workstations, all of which had some sort of
graphics.  Oh, it would be so nice to get a Stardent graphics
visualization supercomputing workstatino :-), but I gather they are
pretty rare as I've never seen any since they were first introduced
around 1990, I think.

> All
> you really represent is IrisGL and OpenGL, and there was a lot more out
> there. 

I know :-).  I'm trying to build a wiki on computer graphics history,
but I haven't had a lot of time to put into it yet.  An embryonic form
is here: <http://www.computergraphicsmuseum.com>; feel free to add
"The Direct3D Graphics Pipeline" -- DirectX 9 draft available for download

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