[rescue] Question of how to "smooth" power from Laser printer

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 28 18:30:30 CDT 2008

--- Sridhar Ayengar <ploopster at gmail.com> wrote:

> Curious George wrote:
> >> I prefer my 22" Mitsubishi.  Although I've been
> thinking of moving
> >> the 46" LCD from downstairs upstairs and picking
> up a 67" for
> >> downstairs.
> > 
> > Problem with increases in size is you need "longer
> arms" (i.e., sit
> > farther away).  I've tried using my projector
> (100" diag) but I would
> > have to sit in the next *room* to see what the
> hell I was working
> > on...
> What was your resolution set to?  At that size, to
> be usable, it would
> have to be set pretty high. (3840x2400? 4096x2560?) 
> With a 46"
> widescreen, I'll only have to sit about 4-5' away
> @1920x1080.  And even
> that is a drop from the 2048x1536 I use on my
> Mitsubishi at 2-3'.

It's not a question of resolution.  It's just
too much *canvas*!  You have to sit back far
enough to be able to "take it all in" (without
getting a stiff neck from looking up, left,
right, down too far).  As you increase the
resolution of the display, things tend to get
*smaller* (finer) -- assuming you want to *use*
all that canvas!

As eyes get OLDER, trying to make out those
fine details a few feet away gets to be a PITA.
I much prefer being able to sit close enough
to my displays that I can read them with an
unaided eye.  So, I put myself in the center
of 4 of them arranged in a U.  I can swivel
my chair when I want to move from *writing*
code to *testing* it, etc. without having to
add extra display space "on a single plane".

Works great for me especially if I need to have
different targets attached to those displays!

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