[rescue] Question of how to "smooth" power from Laser printer

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 28 15:06:59 CDT 2008

--- Lionel Peterson <lionel4287 at verizon.net> wrote:

> >From: Peter Corlett <abuse at cabal.org.uk>
> >On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 06:45:24AM -0500, Mike
> Hebel wrote:
> >[...]
> >> I could send you my Color LaserJet 5 if you want?
> That should flicker your
> >> ballasts quite nicely. You pay shipping of
> course. ;-)
> >
> >Hey, it'd be an upgrade from my LaserJet 4 :)
> >
> >(Which I'm probably going to dispose of shortly as
> >I'd like something with a bit more grunt.)
> If you want grunt (distinct from grace), I like my
> HP 5Si MX - it holds a several month supply of
> paper, prints duplex, and is quite large (includes
> it's own pedestal - it's floor-standing ;^).

Ditto with each of my Phasers (560, 860 and 8200).
I guess Tek enjoys making *beasts*??

OTOH, the quality of the color on the 860 and 8200
make them *well* worth the floor space!

(sigh)  I will be disappointed when I run out of
ink as I'll just throw them away  :<

> Of course it is only 600x600, but it supports
> PostScript, has JetDirect interfaces, and goes to
> sleep when not in use (not so bad on the power
> usage).
> LaserJet 4000 series printers are very nice too, if
> you are looking for something less furniture-like.
> If you were local to me, I have a couple
> LJ4000-series printers to shed, but I can't justify
> shipping them (don't think they'd survive a
> UPS/FedEx trip in non-original packaging).
> Lionel 
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