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Fri Mar 28 11:41:29 CDT 2008

" From: Phil Stracchino <alaric at metrocast.net>
" Timothy Baldridge wrote:
" > []
" > I agree the actions of the RC church are
" > unacceptable, and as a protestant, their actions during the Huguenot
" > wars (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Bartholomew%27s_Day_massacre)
" > are totally offensive, and mark the church as being one of the biggest
" > cults ever in existence. 
" > []
" > Their actions violated scripture and hence invalidated
" > their claim to being called "Followers of Christ"
" Gotta love that stuff, yeah.  "Thou shalt not kill.  (Unless you claim 
" to be doing it in my name.  'Cos that makes it all OK, right?)"

or the parallel belief in at least a few moslem sects.  'thou shalt not
lie to, cheat, or steal from believers -- but infidels are fair game'
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